Gender and Sexuality Inclusive Care Program


These resources are built as part of the Gender and Sexuality Inclusive Care Program.

Caring for the communities requires knowing, understanding the people, their needs, and having support mechanisms that make care more effective and efficient. But the current medical education system is not gender and sexuality inclusive nor does it bring out the nuances and challenges in dealing with complex social issues in real world practice. This is a sincere attempt in contributing towards knowledge and space for healthcare professionals and others to better understand gender, sexuality, and how it plays out in communities and health care. We have attempted to do so through existing knowledge resources, experts’ experiences as well as community voices. The last one being an important component for understanding that many of the formal professional courses miss.

Communities, Culture, Diversity and Practice

Gender and Sexuality 101: Featuring, Rainbow the parrot!

Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and LGBTQIA+ in Indian Context by Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Communities, Culture, Diversity, and Practice

Communities, Diversity and Culture - LGBTQ communities in Indian Context

How to build a LGBTQIA+ communities friendly practice?

How to address a transgender person respectfully

How to make the practice gender and sexuality inclusive - Checklist and poster

How can health care professionals be more inclusive to gender and sexuality in practice by Ranjitha

Community specific health needs

Health issues & inequities faced by people in LGBTQIA+ communities Part 1:Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Health issues & inequities faced by people in LGBTQIA+ communities Part 2 - Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

How can health care providers work towards LGBTQ+ health and resources by Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Voice from the community : Health needs of transgender people by Ranjitha

What do women in sex work expect from their health care providers?

Common health needs of women in sex work by Pushpalatha R, Swathi Mahila Sangha

Gender-affirmative care

Gender incongruence and sexual orientation are not psychiatric conditions - Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Gender Affirmation and Gender-Affirmative Care Introduction by Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Gender-Affirmative Procedures- Part 1: Gender-Affirmative Hormonal therapy Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Gender-Affirmative Procedures: Part 2: Gender-affirmative surgeries by Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Can primary care providers manage gender-affirmative hormonal therapy: by Dr Venkatesan Chakrapani

Community voice: Gender Dysphoria & Gender transition: What, how, and the current challenges in India by Ranjitha

Social issues: including Physical and domestic abuse

Social issues faced by women in sex work explained by Pushpalatha R, Swathi Mahila Sangha

Dealing with women with social issues like violence in practice by Shivaraga, Swathi Mahila Sangha

Lakshmi’s story


This is my life. I am the deciding authority

Queering mental health

Why special focus on LGBTQIA+ communities by Ila Kulshrestha

What makes LGBTQIA+ people prone to mental health concerns by Ila Kulshrestha

Unique challenges faced by queer people by Ila Kulshrestha

Being queer-affirmative & reflecting on biases in services - Ila Kulshrestha

Steps to be queer-affirmative in practice by Ila Kulshrestha


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